Our Mission

The community of Saint Anselm School seeks to promote excellence in education in a Christ-centered environment.


With the


in mind

Our Philosophy

We, the Saint Anselm Community, believe Catholic education is centered in the family. The process of education, which includes parents, teachers, and students, as well as the wider faith community, is founded on a shared commitment to the spiritual, academic, and social growth of the child. It is our belief that the child, supported by the loving witness of our Catholic faith community, will develop a life-long active response to God’s love. Believing in the unique blessedness of each child, we are committed to creating an environment that empowers students to develop their full potential.

School Accreditation & Standards

Saint Anselm School is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association and chartered by the State of Ohio.

St. Anselm strives to provide an experience providing excellence in both religious and academic instruction. Our students find that their time at the school prepares them extremely well for high school (whether religious or not) and as they navigate increasingly complex choices as they grow into adults.


All employees and volunteers who have contact with students undergo thorough screeningackground checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification (BCI&I). For complete information on screening policies, see the revised Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, section 1.2 (p. 3).