"Looking back, the community of  St. Anselm School and Parish was instrumental in preparing me to be a contributing member  of my community.  I went on to high school and college uniquely qualified to meet any  educational challenges I might encounter."
Christie L. Vitale
St. Anselm Alum
Global Business Development Manager at 3M Company
"A Catholic education was important to me because it built a strong foundation of values and how to live my life.  It is something that I am truly grateful to have been given by my parents.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity to grow up in the St. Anselm community!"
John stefanek
St. Anselm Alum
"St. Anselm School is special to me because of the people here. All of the kids and teachers are so kind and caring.  I made many wonderful memories here at St. Anselm School, and I hope to stay in touch with everyone through high school."
Tessa G
8th Grader at St. Anselm
"Saint Anselm is special because we are always learning new things that will prepare us for the future."
mateo p.
4th Grader at St. Anselm
"A Catholic education gave me a safe environment to  learn and grow as a person. It taught me life long lessons about acceptance of all, service and the power of prayer.   It gave me a sense of family within friends and endless  opportunities to continue to better myself."
Maura o'connor 
St. Anselm Alum
"The visual arts are truly supported at St. Anselm School. Over the years parents,  staff, students and parishioners have gone out  of their way to support visual arts curriculum  with financial assistance and hands on help.  I feel so lucky to be in a community where I can be creative and can help others reach for their creative potential."
Mrs. Julie Mailey
St. Anselm Art Teacher
“I love teaching in a school that is preschool through 8th grade. We grow together as a family and it gives me an opportunity to really know each and every student.”
MRs. Jackie Skotzke
1st Grade teacher