St. Anselm School

Faith Family & Community

What is a faith family?

St. Anselm School encourages religious development and a sense of belonging through its Faith Family & Community tradition.

Here’s how it works. Each year, students from grades K-8 are randomly assigned to a teacher as part of their family. Each “house” has about 17 members with at least one student from each grade level.

This “family” remains intact year after year. When a student leaves the school upon graduation from 8th grade, a new student, whether one entering kindergarten or transferring from another school, will take their place.

Families attend school Masses together, as well as participate in regularly scheduled activities throughout the year. The Faith Family system provides our students with opportunities to interact with children of different age levels and abilities, and deepens the sense of faith and community that is already so strong in our school.

"A Catholic education gave me a safe environment to  learn and grow as a person. It taught me life long lessons about acceptance of all, service and the power of prayer.   It gave me a sense of family within friends and endless  opportunities to continue to better myself."
Maura o'connor 
St. Anselm Alum


St. Anselm School offers many events to promote the community and to support family involvement:

Parish/school community
Attend weekly school masses
Religion Classes

Family & Community Events

Halloween Carnival

Grandparents Day

Fall Fundraiser

Dads & Donuts

Christmas Concert

Father - Daughter Dance

Spring Concert

Moms & Muffins

Cosmic Bowling

Service Projects & Outreach (Living the Faith)

Senior Prayer Partners

Food Drive

Letters for Veterans