STREAM is at the center of a St. Anselm education.

STREAM is a uniquely comprehensive and collaborative educational approach that seamlessly integrates Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math into the teaching and learning process. It uses a holistic approach to learning where students explore, analyze, and create while making meaningful real-world connections in the context of their faith. STREAM education actively promotes 21st-century skills, including collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.

At Saint Anselm School, we strive to integrate these subjects into everything we do from hands-on, problem-solving challenges and strategies to project-based learning.

"Saint Anselm is special because we are always learning new things that will prepare us for the future."
mateo p.
4th Grader at St. Anselm


What is St. Anselm School’s MakerSpace? Simply, a MakerSpace is a place designed to let students explore and actually create something using their own hands.

What might they create? Perhaps a student will use straws, duct tape, and laser cutter to design tiny houses which allow them to practice with math concepts of volume, surface area, and proportional reasoning. Or the student could include iPads, cameras, and green screen in their projects to create a documentary film to gain a deeper understanding of a particular time period. The projects and topics that will be explored in the MakerSpace are limited only by the student’s own imagination.

We are preparing students for future jobs that do not even exist yet. We believe that students will need a maker mindset to navigate this 21st-century maze. They will need to engage in critical and creative thinking and will have to have the skills needed to solve complex problems.

All of these skills are involved in the maker mindset. By embedding this mindset into our curriculum, by forming their hearts through prayer and by guiding their faith through service and community, we are creating a solid foundation for our students that will prepare them for an incredible future.

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