Visiting St. Anselm

We can’t wait to help you discover why Saint Anselm is the perfect fit for you. Come and experience all the fun and excitement Saint Anselm has to offer you!

We encourage you to take the opportunity to take a tour or shadow a Saint Anselm student for the day. Tours and shadowing provide a wonderful way to get a personally guided tour through a typical day as a Saint Anselm student. You’ll have the chance to make new friends, meet with the teachers and experience Saint Anselm as one of the family!

Scheduling A Tour or Spartan for a Day Visit!

We want to show you our school. To avoid conflicts with previously scheduled school activities we would appreciate your making arrangements at least three school days ahead of time. Please either contact us using the Schedule A Tour or Spartan for a Day Visit Form or by calling the office at (440) 729-7806 to arrange your visit.

We are proud of our students. In most cases, we will ask Student Ambassadors to escort you through the school and to share their own experiences. We invite you to speak with our Student Ambassador, other students, and teachers and administrators about their experiences at St. Anselm School and the quality of the instruction they have received.

Schedule A Tour or Spartan for a Day Visit!

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