Computer Science Advocacy Day

Eighth grade students Joseph Zimmerman, Grace Breen, Emese Karetka, and Luke Skotzke, along with someparents and teachers, attended Computer Science Advocacy Day at the Statehousein Columbus. The students had the opportunity to meet with Representation DianeGrendell (District 76) and share their research about the status of computerscience in Ohio and how we stack up with other states. Students expressed theirbelief that computer science should be a core subject and taught throughoutK-12. In addition, Representative Grendell shared with us the many bills underreview and the process a bill goes through, introduced us to many legislators,and recognized us in chambers upon commencement of testimony for the day’sagenda.

This week marks ComputerScience Education Week and therefore it was an ideal and deliberate time forthe Ohio STEM Learning Network to sponsor this event, the first time it hasdone so. It was an amazing experience for us to be a part of the democratic process in a proactive, engaging and hands-on way!