EdChoice Expansion Scholarship for ALL Students

Dear Future Spartan Families,

Have you ever desired a free or highly affordable St. Anselm School education for your children or grandchildren?

Now is the time! The faith-filled, high-quality, community encompassed education provided at St. Anselm School is now more affordable than ever! The recent legislation signed by the governor of Ohio entitles every current and new family in our school to receive a very generous state awarded scholarship covering an amount up to the full tuition cost. We are so excited for this amazing opportunity for Catholic Education to be accessible to all who want their children to grow and learn in a school atmosphere in which Christ is the center of every interaction, lesson, and event.

What does this mean for your family?

You already qualify for a guaranteed scholarship just by living in Ohio! Attached, you will find the eligibility awards for the 2023-24 school year based on adjusted gross income. 75% of Ohio families qualify for a full scholarship, which means there will be no tuition cost for many of our school families. As is seen in the eligibility chart, the other 25% of families will still qualify for some amount of tuition reduction through the state. Fortunately, between the EdChoice Scholarship Awards, and our ability to now reallocate our additional school scholarship awards such as the Angel Fund, we can ensure that no Spartan Family pays more than last year, and in most cases, pays even less.

Why a Catholic Education at St. Anselm?

A Catholic Education at St. Anselm allows every child to begin and end each day with prayer, attend weekly Mass with their teachers and classmates, and have faith-filled values intertwined throughout every moment and subject during the school day. Not only does St. Anselm foster a love for Jesus, but it also ensures every child has the confidence to reach his or her full potential in the areas of academics, leadership, and respect in order to be set up for success in high school, college, and beyond!

What should we do next?

We are already accepting registrations, and spots are limited! Please, contact our school office at (440) 729-7806 or office@stanselmschool.org to schedule a visit to our beautiful St. Anselm Campus. We can’t wait to show you around your new home and guide you through the simple process of joining our St. Anselm School family!

God Bless,


Fr. Christopher Cox - Administrator of St. Anselm Catholic Church

Mrs. Therese Rose - Principal of St. Anselm School


"A Catholic education was important to me because it built a strong foundation of values and how to live my life.  It is something that I am truly grateful to have been given by my parents.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity to grow up in the St. Anselm community!" – John Stefanek – St. Anselm School Alum