Spartan Spar Competition

Sixth and seventh-graders at St. Anselm School participatedin Alpha Jump, a consortium of middle school entrepreneur programsacross northeast Ohio under the leadership of St. Ignatius High School andteacher Dan Hess. Incorporating entrepreneur education into the curriculum is aprimary goal and this collaborative opportunity permitted students tobrainstorms ideas and how to bring their ideas to market culminating in a“Shark Tank” experience.

Through STEAM programming, students developed the skillprocess cycle of how to envision, create and pitch a business idea. Cash prizeswere awarded at the school competition, the first annual Spartan Spar, foroverall winner and the team to be sent to compete with other winners in theconsortium of schools at Saint Ignatius High School’s Catapult competition. Inaddition to overall winner, awards were given out for best mission and vision,best conceptualization and best pitch.