Stone Stoup

Second-grade students in Miss Janine Dipronio’s class read “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown, which is based on a European folk story. The students then shared, wrote, and drew pictures of their favorite soup. Finally, they came together to make and serve their own soup after lessons on food safety with Nancy Leygraaf, the cafeteria manager.

Sue Juhasz, president of the Geauga Hunger Task Force, came to speak with the students. In an interactive discussion, Sue prompted the students to think of ways they can be leaders and to imagine what one more place at the table would look like in terms of helping those in need. Students then had discussions about what it means to be hungry and were presented with statistics and resources for how to help others who may be hungry here in their own community.

After the presentation, students served their soup throughout the building along with Helen Keller’s message, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Digging deeper, the students examined statistics compiling various graphs. They then organized and planned a food drive at school making posters on their Chromebooks and the large printer in our new MakerSpace. Finally, the students are compiling and publishing a book, which will showcase all their favorite family soup recipes.