Student Work Auctioned at St. Anselm Fall Gala Benefit

The St. Anselm School art class room has been busy for the past few months, with students working on creative projects for the St. Anselm Gala Benefit "Bella Notte".

Each year students, with the help of their art teacher Julie Mailey, collaborate to make original artwork that is offered and auctioned at the Gala. Parents and community members have the opportunity to bid on each classroom's artwork while raising money for St. Anselm School. Every student, from preschool to eighth grade, enjoy making “creative cash” to help support their school.

All of the pieces were a huge hit at this year's gala benefit, held at Guido's Reception center on November 2. A special thank you to Julie Mailey for helping our students create such fine works of art!