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St. Anselm School provides opportunities for all students to participate in various clubs and activities. We are proud of our student athletes and our athletic programs. For more particular information about them, please see our athletics page.
"The visual arts are truly supported at St. Anselm School. Over the years parents,  staff, students and parishioners have gone out  of their way to support visual arts curriculum  with financial assistance and hands on help.  I feel so lucky to be in a community where I can be creative and can help others reach for their creative potential."
Mrs. Julie Mailey
St. Anselm Art Teacher

Current Offerings

We want all of our students to enjoy the fun and benefits of extracurricular activities. We offer different activities each year based on student interest. While many activities continue from year to year, others change based on topics or activities the students themselves propose. We strongly encourage student participation and provide the means for them to pursue experiences they and their fellow students want to support.

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